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We recently saw Nike release official images of Travis Scott’s next venture with the label, which involved two Air Max 1 silhouettes and two Air Trainer 1 slices. Six months after the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott returned with his duties to his fans.

The hot collaboration between Nike and Travis Scott’s original launch date was scheduled for May 27, 2022 on SNKRS, however, fans received a first surprise on Friday, May 20, 2022, announced by the rapper on his social media page . Along with the previously featured Nike Air Trainer 1, the rapper collaborated with Swoosh to unveil a new line of athletic apparel.

Learn more about the new Travis Scott x Nike clothing collection

new Travis Scott x Nike clothing collection (Image via Travis Scott Shop)
new Travis Scott x Nike clothing collection (Image via Travis Scott Shop)

The release of the Travis Scott x Nike apparel collection marks the dynamic duo’s first collaboration this year. The collection included a Primaloft infused vest, NRG jacket, pants, long sleeve t-shirt and a wide range of t-shirts.

The clothing collection is inspired by the outdoors and is painted in earthy hues. The Gore-Tex jacket, available in black and beige, is the centerpiece of the collection.

The jacket features front cell phone pockets on the front right side of the chest and a Cactus Jack branding design on the neck closure and back of the jacket. The NRG Gore-Tex jacket can be purchased for $400.

The Nike x Travis Scott collection also includes a pair of matching vests and pants. The PrimaLoft Insulated vest is brown in color. The jacket sees a Velcro closure and a cropped fit. The quilted jacket features Travis Scott’s signature inverted swoosh on the collar and a zip pocket on the right chest. The PrimaLoft insulated vest sells for $200.

The jacket can be worn with high waisted pants that have zippers on the north and south sides of the legs. Phone signal blocking pockets are included in the zippers to keep you disconnected from tech, and patch detailing is evident on the knees. The pants are available for $175.

The black zipper pullover and the cropped crewneck for women in beige also have this feature. Other styles include a short-sleeve t-shirt and a long-sleeve t-shirt, both featuring the Cactus Corporation logo seen on the Air Max 1s and Air Trainers. A brown PrimaLoft insulated vest and women’s bike shorts complete the look.

The collection also features a black piece with quarter-zip detailing. The long sleeve quarter zip crew neck is prepared with thick material and a front kangaroo pocket with zippers. The quarter zip crew can be purchased for $160.

The Crop Pullover Crew is available exclusively for women in beige colors with chocolate brown lining on the bottom hem and zipper details. The cropped sweater crew also comes with a quarter zip in a fleece lining. The pullover crew is available for $140.

The long sleeve graphic t-shirt is black in color with a “CC” graphic resembling a psychedelic eye atop the grid pattern. The long sleeve t-shirt also features “Cactus Jack” lettering below the graphic. The long sleeve graphic tee is $60.

Elsewhere, the collection also features a matching t-shirt and shorts in an earthy brown tone. The cycling shorts include zipped pockets and a cargo pocket on the right leg of the shorts. The shorts have a high waisted fit and can be had for $125.

Finally, the brown short-sleeved t-shirt features a similar logo on the right front of the t-shirt next to “Service Center Houston, Texas.” The t-shirt is the most affordable option, priced at $50.

Travis Scott unveiled his new Nike collab by surprise on his website. The Air Trainer 1 x Cactus Jack collection includes two sneaker and apparel designs, check out the images on the side. soon. @trvisXX @Nike https://t.co/NLh7ZB6ddl

The entire collection is inspired by workwear seen in Texas and outdoor gear, including wardrobe essentials for the great outdoors such as rain jackets, hiking pants and even blocking pockets. telephone signals.

The collection was released alongside the Nike x Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 Coriander and Nike x Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 Gray Haze, which were raffled and received over a million entries in over 30 minutes after their exit, TMZ reported.

The entire collection can be browsed on Travis Scott’s online store starting May 20, 2022 at 12 p.m. PST and 3 p.m. EST for $50 to $400. The collection will be re-released on the Nike SNKRS site on May 27, 2022.

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