What brands of phones support Band 20 4G and VoLTE in Nepal?


Phone brands should always seek compatibility with networks available in Nepal. Before, 2G and 3G networks were not of great concern. But with the introduction of 4G with its extended functionality, we continue to hear several issues on smartphones like unsupported 4G band and VoLTE network.

This is why telephone operators work closely with telecom operators to ensure that their phones work on existing mobile networks. We even heard about the intervention of the NTA in this case. They could only allow importing phones that supported all bands and features available here in Nepal. But it looks like the rules haven’t been enforced as tightly as needed, as various brands of phones still don’t support all bands and VoLTE on Nepalese mobile networks.

This has prevented many smartphone users from accessing 4G and VoLTE services in Nepal. We can attribute this to the lack of coordination between the NTA, carrier networks and phone manufacturers. As a result, many smartphone users are in the dark about the compatibility of Band 20 4G or VoLTE on their smartphones.

This article here will familiarize you with vital information about Band 20 4G and supported brands in Nepal and the VoLTE ecosystem. Keep reading.

20 4G band for speed and coverage

LTE band 20 is a spectral frequency widely used for 4G mobile networks. Band 20 offers flexible solutions to operators to deploy faster speeds and good 4G coverage. In terms of frequency spectrum, LTE band 20 refers to 800 MHz, one of the main spectrum bands used by NTC for the 4G network in Nepal. Discover the NTC 4G bands.

With 20 band 4G network, an operator can provide very fast mobile broadband while covering a large area due to lower frequency. The lower the frequency, the better the propagation.

Which brands support the 20 4G band?

Previously, very few phone brands supported band 20 (800 MHz), which is one of the key bands in Nepal Telecom’s 4G network. Without its support, your Ntc sim will not get a good 4G signal in built-up areas, basements, elevators and remote areas. It is also possible that in some cases you may not get a 4G signal at all. Let’s discuss which brands support this 20 group.

Samsung seems to be comfortable supporting the 20 band 4G network on the majority of its phones in Nepal. Likewise, Xiaomi has steadily improved its support for this band as they want their 4G phones to work in all conditions. So it is very likely that all the latest Xiaomi smartphones have this support.

Apple iPhones also largely support this 4G band (800 MHz) on their hardware but were limited on the software side. But, with the launch of iOS 14.7, Apple worked with Nepal Telecom to make their phone compatible with the 20 4G band. Other brands that support the 20 band in almost all phones are Nokia and OnePlus.

Apart from these brands, there are only a few others that support the Band 20 4G. It also appears that Chinese phone maker Vivo has just started implementing this band of spectrum on its phones for Nepal.

Meanwhile, the fast-changing and fashionable Realme still doesn’t offer 20 4G band support on any of their phones. It seems they are bringing phones from India without even checking the existing 4G networks in Nepal. The same seems to be true for other Indian brands or brands that import phones from India.

Another Chinese phone maker Oppo is also on the same boat for its 800 MHz band support.

List of phone brands in Nepal that support Band 20 4G

Phone brand Support 20 4G band
Samsung Yes for almost all
Xiaomi Yes for the latest phones
Apple Yes for almost all
Nokia Yes for almost all
Oneplus Yes for almost all
Vivo Very little
True me Nothing
Oppo Nothing
Indian brands Nothing
Phones brought from abroad Couldn’t work for some
Phone brands in Nepal that support Band 20 4G

Besides the Band 20 4G, VoLTE has also been an elusive feature for many 4G users in Nepal. The unique technology makes voice calls possible over the 4G network. However, technology has only found a limited number of handsets to work on, leaving a lot to look forward to. What is VoLTE, how it is used and a list of its compatible devices can be found below.

VoLTE brings voice calls to 4G

VoLTE or Voice over LTE is a 4G based mobile technology that brings high definition voice calls over the fourth generation cellular network. 4G is a mobile broadband technology and does not have native support for calls. When a caller dials a 4G number, the smartphone connects to the 3G or 2G network to make calls.

View detailed information about Ntc VoLTE.

However, with VoLTE enabled on both the SIM card and the device, a user can make calls and enjoy broadband simultaneously. NTC has launched its VoLTE service to a large audience with support on select handsets. Gradually, the phone company is adding more and more phones to its carrier with the deployment of software patches.

Which brands support VoLTE in Nepal?

Likewise, for VoLTE, it appears that most phone brands have worked with telecom companies to support it. At present, only Nepal Telecom has over-the-air VoLTE network, and phone brands need to customize their phone software for over-the-air VoLTE network. For that, they meet to propose the update of the software and several tests to finally publish it.

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Like the 20 band, Samsung is also comfortable in this regard as all of its new phones are VoLTE compatible from Nepal Telecom. Previously there were issues with VoLTE in Samsung phones which are already resolved. Likewise, Xiaomi also supports VoLTE in almost all of its phones, while phones powered by Mediatek have yet to get support. And Nokia also supports VoLTE in its Qualcomm-powered phones.

Apple iPhones now work well with Ntc VoLTE, thanks to the same update that brought Band 20 to premium phones as well. The latest brands supporting Ntc VoLTE are Oppo, Vivo, ZTE and Oneplus for a few selected devices.

List of brands of phones with VoLTE support

Phone brands Support for VOLTE
Samsung Yes for almost all
Xiaomi Yes for phones powered by Qualcomm
Apple Yes for almost all
Nokia Yes for phones powered by Qualcomm
Oneplus Only one for the moment (Oneplus Nord CE)
Vivo Very little
True me Nothing
Oppo Very little
Phones brought from abroad Will not work due to different software
Phone brands in Nepal with VoLTE support

After discussing all of the above in detail, we still might have missed a few smaller brands that support both 4G features. So, please tell us if your phone supports 20 4G band and VolTE in the comment below. This will help us collect more brand information for 4G functionality.

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