Warning for iPhone fans about ‘vampire’ gadget bills and upcoming price hikes

APPLE fans beware: experts say this year could be costly for gadget geeks.

The Sun spoke to tech experts who warned that bills are skyrocketing – and your next iPhone could cost even more.


You might want to consider a cheaper iPhone model this yearCredit: Apple

If you’re a fan of gadgets, you probably upgrade your phone often.

And you’re almost certainly signed up for a bunch of paid services.

Today, tech expert Paolo Pescatore issued two warnings about the cost of living crisis.

As prices skyrocket, Paolo thinks gadget fans will be forced to downgrade services (like Netflix or Spotify) – or even disable some altogether.

“Although prices are difficult to predict, the cost of living has a profound impact on all businesses and consumers, with prices going in the wrong direction,” PP Foresight analyst Paolo said. addressing the Sun.

“No one is immune, neither is Apple, with consumers all feeling the pinch and belt tightening.

“This will encourage users to consider downgrading, signing up for a cheaper service.

“Rising costs will fuel change and, in some cases, more premium offerings at affordable prices.

“People are being forced to make tough decisions about whether to buy a new connected device or service.”

If you want to find “vampire” apps charging you through your iPhone, check your Apple subscriptions here.

But that’s not all: we could also see this year’s iPhone 14 make a price jump.

The Sun recently warned of a possible price hike for the iPhone this year after speaking to two industry insiders – with a jump of up to $100/£100.

Building gadgets is increasingly expensive, and experts fear Apple will pass the cost on to buyers.

“As always, expectations are high and there’s a lot to do on the new iPhone,” Paolo told The Sun.

“While Apple is fully aware of ensuring that the new iPhone remains affordable, certain elements are beyond its control due to the macro-economic environment.”

The good news is that it’s getting easier and easier to keep your iPhone longer.

Apple now generally supports iPhone models with iOS software updates for many years, and battery swaps to rejuvenate charge life aren’t too expensive.

And Paolo points out that Apple now offers a much wider range of iPhones at different price points.

Earlier this year, Apple launched the new iPhone SE, which starts at $429/£419.

Paolo also thinks that 5G could push buyers to buy new iPhone models.

Even the iPhone SE supports 5G, and faster speeds are rolling out quickly in the US and UK.

So this could be a good year to upgrade if you’ve been keeping an iPhone for a very long time.

Apple’s smartphones also tend to hold their resale value very well, so you might find you can whip out your older model for a pretty penny.

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