Vote now: would you buy a gaming phone as a daily driver?

Gaming Phones! They’re still pretty niche, and while with a dedicated gaming model you’re arguably getting better hardware for less money, people are still moving away from these devices.

Now, there might be a few things to put off a non-gamer in a gaming phone. On the one hand, all the aggressive elements and flashy LED lights that scream – 80s disco. A huge percentage of people use their phone with a case on, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

There’s also the issue of weight and bulk – gaming phones tend to be heavier and bulkier than sleek “regular” flagship phones. Let’s take it Asus ROG Phone 6 for example – it weighs ten grams more and a centimeter more than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the latter is no small device.

Another issue could be the camera system, although in the ROG Phone 6 it’s quite good and on par with modern flagship phones. These are all cons, but if we factor in the pros, things are starting to look good for gaming phones.

The ROG Phone 6 for example (again) sports a Samsung OLED display, tuned to deliver a 165Hz refresh rate. The color calibration is also top-notch. And speaking of notches, there are none or holes in this screen. The processor is the latest, faster than what a Galaxy S22 Ultra has to offer (that’s not that important), the battery is bigger, and it charges faster. And most importantly – the price is lower. So would you buy a gaming phone as your daily driver?

Vote in our poll and share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section. In the meantime, everyone loves to give their opinion and vote – so there are more polls in the links below.

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