Unique and Useful Features of 4 Phone Brands You Must Know About



Smartphone makers use their own custom skins on Android to promote apps of their choice and other bloatware. However, the personalized skins from each smartphone manufacturer come with some useful features that are also unique. In this article, we introduce you to a useful feature of four smartphone brands that you should know about.

Samsung – One user interface

Samsung recently used the new One user interface for its smartphones. The company’s new user interface is very clean and light compared to its previous Experience UX and TouchWiz. The new One UI 2.0 version based on Android 10 has some very useful features for everyday life and one of them is “Smart Alert”.

This feature helps you when you leave your phone for a while and then pick it up. This feature will let you know if you have a new notification with a vibrating alert. You can activate it by going to the settings.

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Xiaomi – MIUI

MIUI is an Android-based operating system for smartphones developed by Xiaomi. This customized version of the Android operating system includes various features such as theme support. MIUI recently got its latest version, however, most smartphones are still running MIUI 11, which is based on Android 10.

MIUI 11 comes with several new features and one of those features is “Cast”. We all know that we can project our smartphone screen onto a big screen. But in MIUI there are special features like “Cast with screen off”, “Hide private items” and “Minimize window”. These features will improve your casting experience.

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Realme – Realme UI

Realme has been using the ColorOS developed by OPPO from the start, as the company started out as a sub-brand of OPPO. Now, when the company is in its full-fledged mode, it works on its own user interface, which is however based on ColorOS.

Realme has already launched its Realme user interface and some newer smartphones already work on it. This new user interface is very light and contains less bloatware than ColorOS. It also has a lot of useful features and one of them is dual mode audio. With this feature, you can use wired and bluetooth headphones at the same time.

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Vivo-Funtouch OS

Funtouch OS is Vivo’s operating system created on Google’s Android operating system. It comes with unique features like customizable gestures, app drawer with bottom-up swipe, eye protection and many more. One of these features is “Portrait Orientation Lock”. This feature will help you lock screen orientation in portrait mode.

We will keep updating this article with more brands of phones and their unique feature. Stay tuned!


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