This super powerful new gaming phone has the best specs, a high price tag and the worst name


After months of rumors that prolific chipset maker Qualcomm is teaming up with Asus to develop a super powerful gaming smartphone, the thing has finally been announced: meet the smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders. Yes, that’s the name – quite literal, but of course.

It’s a showcase for everything Qualcomm. It features the company’s powerful Snapdragon 888 processor, a fingerprint sensor it designed, Snapdragon audio for lossless Bluetooth audio, its own fast-charging battery technology, and more. The phone was designed in conjunction with Asus, relying on much of that company’s hardware intelligence.

Although it’s referred to as a smartphone “for Snapdragon Insiders” – that is, for members of the Qualcomm tech fan community – anyone can buy the new phone, if they like the look – and can afford it. It will go on sale on the Asus website from August, in a few regions like the US and UK, and will cost $ 1,499 / £ 1,099 (around AU $ 2,020, although it is not for sale in Australia).

Why the ridiculously high price? Well, if you buy the phone you don’t get it on your own – it comes in a box with headphones (as a showcase for the Snapdragon Sound), a fast charging pad (so you can enjoy the Qualcomm Quick Charge power on) and a case. With all of that in mind, however, it’s still far from competitively priced.

Smartphone Specifications for Snapdragon Insiders

The smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders – we still find it hard to believe that’s actually the name, even so far in the article – has a 6.78-inch screen with a 2448 x 1080 resolution with a refresh rate. of 144 Hz.

For photography, there is a 64 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and an 8 MP telephoto lens, the latter of which supports 3x optical zoom. Around the front there is a 24MP snapper for selfies. Qualcomm has been getting a lot of publicity for its AI Zoom videography mode, which uses machine learning to zoom in on a particular part of a scene, at the correct zoom distance, without you having to control it yourself.

The phone has a 4000mAh battery which might be a bit small for a gaming phone. We don’t know the charging speed yet, but although the phone comes with a 65W charger it does. there is some evidence to believe that the actual eating is not that fast. Qualcomm said the battery takes 30 minutes to power up to 70%, or 52 minutes to be full, suggesting the power is more like 25W.

Now on to the important stuff (for gaming) – the phone has a Snapdragon 888 chipset. It was the top-of-the-line Android processor for most of 2021 until now, although the recently launched Snapdragon 888 Plus is slightly better. There is 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage on board.

The phone is configured to run Android 11. Some cool things to note about the design is that the handset has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which must make it the most expensive phone out there. have one, and also has a little Snapdragon logo on the back that lights up – after all, all gaming phones need colored LEDs.

So the phone’s specs aren’t too different from your average gaming phone, and even many mid-range devices have comparable features and internals. We’ll have to see how it performs when in use, to judge whether it’s worth that meaty price tag or not – although we’re pretty skeptical.


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