This is how call recording works in the Google Phone app



Recently, word broke that Google is implementing a call recording system in its phone app. This information came thanks to the APK of the application itself, since it already included everything needed for this task. Of course, it was hidden from end users. It’s still in this state, but the folks at XDA made the feature available in a Google Pixel 4. The recording system is working and allows us to see how it will be the interface and process of recording a call. . There is good news and bad news with this new system, which may not replace third-party apps.

We must remember that in Google Play there are many applications that record all the calls you make. Google wants to offer this feature in its own app, but it will do so in a way that may not appeal to all users. There are several details which might make you lose interest in recording calls from this app.

Google phone app: no automatic call recording and with notice for both users

XDA has managed to replicate the function in a Google Pixel 4 and show us how it works. The interface looks quite interesting, especially the one that allows you to listen to the recordings from the call interface itself. At a glance, a few clicks will let you know if a call is recorded. You can even send it using a WAV file.

The bad news starts when you know you have to hit the record button every time you want to make a recording. At the moment there is no automatic mode to record all calls, you have to do it manually. This doesn’t happen with third-party apps on Google Play, which automatically record all calls.

The second bad news is the registration notice that the app emits when you click ‘Register’. Yes, when you want to record a phone conversation the other person will know because the app itself will make it very clear in a voicemail message that will sound while the call is being made.

This is something that Google has to implement in several countries for legal reasons and therefore you cannot skip this step. This is something that third-party apps don’t do either.

The summary leaves us with a much anticipated feature. But with that comes two drawbacks that many users won’t be prepared to go through. The solution is to download a third-party Google Play app that records all incoming and outgoing calls automatically, without notice, and searchable from the app’s repository itself.


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