The REDMAGIC 7 Pro is the world’s fastest gaming phone

REDMAGIC has established itself as the ultimate mobile gaming solution, continuing to deliver uncompromising performance with every new phone. While focusing specifically on delivering the best gaming experience on Android, their latest release takes things a step further with cutting-edge technology. The REDMAGIC 7 Pro is the latest edition to the series, and it’s the world’s fastest gaming phone.

Look for new improvements in this model like full screen display paired with longer battery life. These specs include the latest technology which includes the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a new dedicated gaming chip called Red Core 1 and 16GB of RAM. Don’t worry about overheating, as the REDMAGIC 7 Pro features the multi-dimensional ICE 9.0 cooling system with a 20,000 rpm high-speed turbo fan. As the professional edition of the new REDMAGIC 7 series, you can expect to find additional features such as 960Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate and full UDC gaming screen. These are just some of the newer additions that make the REDMAGIC 7 Pro the best gaming phone in the world.


Chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + Dedicated Red Core 1 Gaming Chip
Battery charging 5000mAh dual cell battery + up to 65W charging for EU/US/UK/GL
Triggers Dual 500Hz Touchpad Shoulder Trigger
Design Supernova (Transparent version) | Obsidian (black version)
Turbojet Low power consumption, 20,000 RPM high speed fan with built-in RGB LED fan.
Filter FHD+ AMOLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 6.8 inch, 1080*2400
Front camera 16MP UDC
Rear camera 64MP+8MP+2MP
Storage 16GB RAM + 256GB (Obsidian) / 16GB RAM + 512GB (Supernova) with 6GB expandable virtual RAM
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax 2*2 mimo, Type C, 3.5mm audio interface, NFC
audio Intelligent dual sound system, two speakers, 3.5 mm


Two models are presented for this phone, including Supernova and Obsidian. The Supernova version [16GB+512GB] is inspired by the visuals of a radiant star, which is emulated using RGB lights that activate during gameplay. The back plate is completely surrounded by transparent materials and glass.

The Obsidian version [16GB+156GB] gives the REDMAGIC 7 Pro a look inspired by volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava. The result is a design that has a magical shiny appearance.

To further enhance the gaming aesthetic of this phone, you can customize the RGB light colors. Over 16.8 million colors are available, with 4,096 brightness levels. Set your own lighting effects while syncing the lights with your games’ sounds and light for a more immersive experience.

The design of this phone helps keep your phone cool with nine layers of heat dissipation materials. These materials are used in combination with a high-speed turbojet, fast thermal conductivity and active cooling. It’s all part of the new ICE 9.0 multi-dimensional cooling system.

Performance upgrade

Many upgrades have been made to enhance the gaming experience of REDMAGIC 7 Pro. Most notably, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which features the Adreno GPU. This GPU is now 25% more efficient and renders

30% faster graphics. Combined with the Kryo processor and 7th generation AI, it is four times faster in total. This is quite a significant upgrade and you will have a very noticeable improvement in your gaming performance.

The task of processing RGB lighting, audio, and haptic feedback is offloaded to a dedicated chip thanks to Red Core 1. By offloading these processes to a separate chip, this allows the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to focus more of its high-end treatment resources. graphics at higher frame rates.

The 16GB of RAM can be augmented with an additional 6GB of expandable virtual memory to give you that extra edge. LPDDR5 RAM has a 10% speed improvement over previous models. Storage can be maxed out to 512GB, based on UFS 3.1 architecture, for the fastest possible read/write speeds.


Speed ​​is boosted wherever it can, including dual shoulder triggers. With a new 500Hz touch sampling rate, the response time is clocked at 8ms, giving you a true gaming experience. Dual X-axis symmetric linear motors also work to mimic the feel you’re used to with game controllers.

Powerful stereo speakers work to deliver clear gaming audio. The new REDMAGIC 7 Pro is certified by the industry’s leading authority, DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound.

All of these performance improvements require a large battery to match. That’s why fast charging reaches record speeds for the REDMAGIC series, with capacities of 135W. This phone implements Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 technology for its 5,000mAh battery. The included charger is a super-fast 65W AC adapter, but you can go up to 135W with a special charger.

A 120Hz screen

At 6.8 inches, the AMOLED display of the REDMAGIC 7 Pro has a resolution of 1080×2400 and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen-to-body ratio is an impressive 92.7%. One of the coolest improvements is the 960Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate. Get the fastest response time for your on-screen interactions, which translates to better reflexes in your games.

Amazingly, the 120fps capability is supported via wireless display connections. When you stream to your big screen TV, you’ll be able to maintain that 120fps experience you get with the phone screen. You can bring your game to your PC setup with an HDMI cable connected to the display, while you use a keyboard and mouse for a full PC gaming environment.

New under-display camera

With the REDMAGIC 7 Pro, you can experience the first gaming phone with an under-display selfie camera. Screen real estate is most important in games where critical information can be blocked by a traditional camera notch. Now you can game without any intrusion, with the new 16 MP under-display selfie camera.

Multi-drive ACE circuit

By using a multi-drive ACE circuit, the phone can significantly increase the light transmissivity of the area above the UDC. This results in a smooth transition of the UDC area and other regions of the screen.

A specialized pixel arrangement that improves display clarity on the UDC. While letting more light through the screen into the under-screen camera for better selfies. The rear camera features a 64+8+2MP camera setup. Capture crisp 4K video with this AI triple camera setup.


The REDMAGIC 7 Pro is a phone designed for gaming and entertainment first. If you’re a gamer looking for the most powerful smartphone possible, this one’s for you. Everything from the design, display, triggers, RGB lights, etc. makes it one of the best gaming phones in 2022.

The REDMAGIC 7 Pro is available at the following prices:

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Supernova

  • (16GB RAM, 256GB storage) – £679 / $799
  • (16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – £759 / $899

REDMAGIC 7 Pro Obsidian

(16GB RAM, 256GB storage) – £679 / $799
(16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – £759 / $899

Get the REDMAGIC 7 Pro here

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