Skip the Apple Watch price and opt for this affordable alternative instead

Your smartwatch can be affordable and useful, and the C-MAX smartwatch proves it.
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Apple Watches are fantastic, but they’re also quite expensive starting at $399 for a Series 7. Luckily, there are Apple Watch alternatives that do the job and look great at the same time. The C-Max Chrono-Max smartwatch is an affordable Apple Watch alternative available in black, teal, pink, and pink, and for a limited time, all colors are on sale for $34.99 (usually $219) .

An affordable Apple Watch alternative

The C-Max Chrono-Max smartwatch packs a lot of features into a compact and affordable package. The 1.69-inch color screen is responsive and lets you easily control the watch’s 12 functions. For example, you can monitor your health with sleep, fitness, and biometric trackers. And while this watch can’t replace dedicated medical devices, one user appreciated “being able to check my heart rate and track my breathing exercise.”

Plus, the watch’s fitness tracker can give you an idea of ​​how many calories you’ve burned, your steps, and your heart rate. The heart rate monitor can be useful if you want to know if you’re pushing yourself hard enough or if you need to take a break from your workout.

The Chrono-Max also offers essential productivity features for smartwatches. You can receive messages and call alerts, play music and videos, adjust or change your screen background and brightness, check the weather, set alarms and more. The watch even functions as a remote camera shutter. For a device that’s a fraction of the price of an Apple Watch, it can do a lot of the same things.

Save on the C-Max Chrono-Max Smartwatch

You can get a smartwatch loaded with valuable features without shelling out the cost of another smartphone. It might even be cheaper than your phone bill. For a limited time, get the C-Max Chrono-Max smartwatch on sale in black, teal, pink, and pink for just $34.99 (usually $219).

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