Samsung Galaxy S21 FE price leak reveals high cost: more expensive than Google Pixel 6?


Fans have been eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, a smartphone that should ideally include most of the Samsung S21 flagship features but at an affordable price. Rumors speculate that its official sale is expected to begin early next year.

Although little official information has been revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, a new leak is spotted on the internet and it is from the official website. Samsung Ireland website. The web administrators may have listed the smartphone at first by mistake.

Regardless, the data miners worked diligently to uncover every part of the leak they could find to get a rough idea of ​​what to expect from the incoming smartphone. More recently, they even managed to register its price.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE price: $ 799

According to TechRadar, Softpedia sources spotted the Galaxy S21 FE listing on the Samsung Ireland website. However, the list has already been removed from the website at the time of writing.

According to a new leak, the Galaxy S21 FE was listed with a 128GB storage variant and was priced at € 769. A second variant with 256 GB storage costs € 839.

On a rough estimate, these price tags cost around $ 845 for 128GB and $ 925 for 256GB. Notably, both are high retail prices and are way more than fans expected.

Finally, the data miners pointed out that there is no other information regarding the specifications of the smartphone, as well as its color options.

In view of all this, readers are advised to take this information with a pinch of salt. After all, the leaks are difficult to validate and the price is extremely expensive compared to initial estimates.

Also be aware that conversion rates may be inaccurate. This is because retailers tend to adjust prices based on their location. Consumers who do not live in Ireland are therefore recommended to save more than what the disclosed price indicates.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Specifications

If it turns out to be true, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be similar to the launch price of its predecessor. The Galaxy S21 FE is likely to compete with the Google Pixel 6’s $ 599 price tag and the Galaxy S21’s price of $ 700 in the long run.

The price change could also reflect some of its unofficial specs, which have been teased by earlier rumors. These sources claimed that S21 FE could be powered by a 2.8 GHz Snapdragon 888 chipset with 8 GB of RAM. It could also have specifications like a 6.4-inch screen with a color depth of 16 million. Finally, the smartphone can be equipped with 5G connectivity, a 4,370 mAh battery and a slot for a Dual Sim card.

It should also be noted that Twitter user Evan Blass has stated that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be available in four colors: black, green, lavender and white.

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