Samsung could make a gaming phone – and we’re ready for it

Samsung makes phones at pretty much every price point, but it has yet to release a dedicated gaming phone like those previously offered by Xiaomi, Asus and others. Two related brands that Samsung just requested suggest that might be about to change.

Trademarks, applied for in Europe in connection with mobile devices and spotted by LetsGoDigital, are for the phrases ‘Turn on fan mode’ and ‘Unleash your fan power’ – and you don’t have to be the tallest world detective to deduce that they refer to a cooling fan of some description.

If a phone needs a cooling fan, that suggests its internals are pushed to the limit, and to us, it feels like a gaming phone rather than another flagship. The other gaming phones we’ve seen so far all use some sort of advanced cooling technology, including fans.

Although the brands briefly refer to phones and tablets, so there is a connection, we’re making some assumptions here: there’s no guarantee that Samsung is currently working on a gaming phone or that it will be released in the near future , but it’s still an interesting story.

Welcome Samsung

If Samsung decides to take the plunge with a gaming phone, the device will join a growing field: from the original Razer Phone in 2018 to the ZTE Nubia RedMagic 6 in 2021, we’ve seen plenty of these gaming-focused handsets in these last years.

So what makes a gaming phone different from a flagship phone? Extras like shutter buttons around the edges of the screen, LED lighting on the back, and fancier cooling solutions are often rolled out. There are usually plenty of optimizations on the software side as well, with tools to maximize performance and eliminate distractions during those all-important gaming sessions.

Samsung’s expertise on both the hardware and software side convinced us that it can make one of the best gaming phones yet. This is a phone maker that pioneered the use of foldable screens and cutting-edge components, so we’re very confident that it can pull off an eye-catching gaming phone.

These devices may only be appealing to a certain niche of users – and may be too over the top for most of us to consider – but hopefully if the Samsung gaming phone is real it helps. to establish this as a category that can move the rest of the industry forward. The success of the Nintendo Switch shows that the appetite for gaming on the go is there, if it can be tapped.

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