[Review] Features, Performance of REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Phone

I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a gaming phone for a while now, ever since I got more serious with gaming.

Before the pandemic, I wasn’t really interested in immersing myself in virtual worlds, but once I was stuck at home, unable to get out and about, the fantasy worlds of RPGs started to be very appealing. .

Genshin Impact just happened to be released around the same time, and for the sake of the content, I gave it a try. Then, I never stopped playing it since.

Playing it on mobile is quite a pain though, as I didn’t have a device that could handle it properly. So, I ended up investing in a gaming laptop just to play Genshin Impact, and I haven’t once regretted the purchase.

However, it’s not exactly the most portable device, meaning I could only play it when I had a desk and chair, and admittedly, I sometimes got too lazy to set it up and not play at all.

With the 18GB + 512GB REDMAGIC 7S Pro in Supernova now in my hands, life could be different.

Excellent performance and lasting power

I love my Samsung Galaxy S20, don’t get me wrong, but boy does it have trouble running Genshin Impact even on milder settings.

Load times are extremely slow and even just moving my camera around is slow, so ease of combat doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

So all those times I thought I hated mobile games in general it wasn’t because my phone was too small or the controls just didn’t work well it was because I wasn’t playing not on a device designed for it.

The 7S Pro, with its Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and nubia’s built-in dedicated Red Core 1 gaming chip, fully performs on the other end of the spectrum.

Loading into my game? Quick. Graphics on overclocked settings? Smooth and gorgeous. Playability? Flawless.

Suddenly I wasn’t dying every few minutes, I was actually able to follow fights and with my teammates, and I didn’t want to walk away because of a wrong click on an ability.

It was actually fun to play on the 7S Pro, even with other apps running in the background. But with today’s mobile gaming technology, how impressive is that really? Shouldn’t that be standard for every mobile gaming device?

I have no previous experience with gaming phones, so I’m missing a proper comparison for the performance of the 7S Pro.

So maybe where I would say it really stands out is in its enduring power.

First, it has a monster 5,000mAh battery, and size matters.

I once watched YouTube videos non-stop with no background noise in the office from around 11am to almost 8pm, and by the end of the day, its battery had gone from 100% to just under 30%. , and I didn’t reload once throughout.

A good hour of non-stop high-performance gaming (I’m talking about overclocked game settings, Snapdragon Adreno GPU set to “High Quality”, and phone refresh rate at 90Hz, among other things) would drop it by about 20 % on average.

Compared to my past mobile gaming experiences on regular flagship phones, this is a major upgrade.

I’m also used to feeling most phones get hot near their camera housing before they’ve even hit the one hour play mark, but the 7S Pro kept its cool even up to at three o’clock, without a break.

This is probably thanks to its multi-dimensional cooling system developed by nubia. You can turn on the fan manually or by adjusting settings in Game Space, a gaming and performance dashboard activated by a red button on the left of the phone.

In Game Space, you can choose which apps you want to add, allowing you to track each app’s usage, its file size, the types of performance settings you want it to run on, and a specific app. will automatically trigger the cooling fan once you open the app.

Surprisingly, although you can hear the cooling fan, it’s not loud enough to be irritating even after a few hours.

Another way to reduce heat buildup (if any) is to enable the phone’s charge separation setting.

This means you can game while only charging the phone, not its battery, if you game for long periods of time. It might also be kinder to the phone’s battery in the long run.

Getting the battery from 0 to 100 per cent takes around an hour, using the 65W phone charger that comes in the box.

A user interface… usable, but could be much, much better

While using the phone, my co-workers and I came across some rather amusing UI dialogs.

We figured it was probably a bad translation job, and as bad as the English translation can sometimes be, it doesn’t get to the point of being unusable. Maybe just a little confusing at times.

Aesthetically, the UI also looks quite basic, but I like how detailed the mini-settings drop-down menu can be.

From there, I can immediately enable Splitscreen and Free Window features for multitasking, switch to dark mode, swap my refresh rate to 60Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz, and more.

A brief overview of the cameras

Are large cameras important for gamers? If the answer is yes for streaming with a face camera, then unfortunately the 7S Pro’s 16MP under-display camera is not.

For some reason it looks more like a 5MP, probably not because of the lens, but because of its under-displayed nature.

On the back, however, the 64 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra-wide camera and 2 MP macro cameras held up better.

With a still subject and decent lighting, shots are good by average standards, which is great news for anyone looking to make the 7S Pro their daily driver.

I feel Portrait mode is also decent, although the software’s artificial blurring can get a little too much. Pro mode of course allows users to exercise more creativity with their shots.

The verdict

If you can get past the 7S Pro’s oddly translated and rudimentary user interface, it’s a nice device to use as a daily driver.

Granted, the back of the phone is a bit noisy, but I’d still consider it tame for a gaming phone. It doesn’t try too hard, with just a patterned matte column that runs vertically over a clear, tinted back .

On the top left of the camera housing is the cooling fan with RGB lighting so you don’t forget this is actually a gaming phone, but honestly I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show up at a business meeting with this.

Since this is my first experience with a gaming phone, I was impressed with the color, and I look forward to testing other new gaming phones so I can broaden my understanding in this space. .

Editor’s update: The REDMAGIC 7S Pro is available in Singapore and the Philippines, but not in Malaysia at this time.

Advantages The inconvenients
Excellent performance and good cooling for gaming Badly translated user interface
Large, long-lasting battery and fast charging Under-display selfie camera is blurry
Beautiful screen for high quality gaming graphics
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