Redmi K50 gaming phone will feature 120W fast charging

(Pocket-lint) – This week Redmi will unveil its K50 gaming phone – the Chinese announcement is due on 16 February – but before that more information about the gaming handset has been teased by the Xiaomi brand.

It’s mainly the inclusion of 120W super fast charging that sticks out of the spec sheets. Not only will it be blazingly fast to charge – wait around 15 minutes for the 4700mAh battery to be almost full – there would also be an L-shaped charging cable to allow gamers to leave the phone plugged in while they play their favorite songs.

As already reported, however, one of the big draws of the K50 is its special edition linked to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, with a limited-edition design also available – although in what kind of volumes we don’t. not know yet.


Other standout features of the K50 handset include JBL sound with Dolby Atmos because what’s a gaming phone without good sound? It’s also said to be the first handset to include Sony’s new 20-megapixel sensor (the IMX596), so maybe it’ll be better when it comes to taking photos than most.

Often Redmi’s K-series is similar to the Xiaomi flagship of the same year, but the K50 is less of a reflection of the Xiaomi 12 or 12 Pro than you might think. That’s why he goes with the playing angle to give him an even more unique grip.

It looks like there’s not much left to reveal, but we’ll find out more on February 16. I have to wonder if the launch will coincide with the date of F1 in China in April this year, given this special edition from Petronas.

Written by Mike Lowe.

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