Poco created the kind of gaming phone I wouldn’t be ashamed to use

You might know Pocophone for its budget and mid-range Android phones which tend to focus on processing power – and now the company has taken that to its logical extreme with the new Poco F4 GT.

This is the brand’s latest handset and it boasts some pretty impressive specs like a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, 120W charging, and a large 6.67-inch display. It also continues Poco’s tradition of rather boring names.

Beyond those specs, the F4 GT also has a few gaming-specific features like a 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch input rate, and more interestingly, contextual trigger buttons that you can map to. features, giving you a slight advantage in competitive online games.

It’s a feature we’ve seen on a few gaming phones in the past, and it would make the Poco a new entry into this market niche – the fact that the device is launching with Genshin Impact-themed headphones helps also in this reading. .

However, the Poco F4 GT has that gaming phone functionality, without the big hassle that plagues many gaming phones.

Review: A gamer phone I wouldn’t be ashamed to use

When I test gaming phones, I find them useful when playing outside, but I’m often rather ashamed to be seen with them. Not because there’s still a stigma around gaming phones – it’s 2022, everyone and their moms are gaming now – but because these phones are pretty ugly.

Black shark 3

(Image credit: future)

These phones are often big, bulky, adorned with LED lights and angular designs – you can see an example of this above.

I admit that “gamer aesthetic” isn’t something that really fits my own fashion, and I’m often hesitant to release a giant, shiny smartphone as a result.

But the Poco F4 GT has a rather understated design (well, the black and gray versions do, the yellow is arguably a bit garish). If you pull one out of your pocket, people won’t think “what the hell that?” with a judge’s look.

Unlike most other gaming phones, I wouldn’t be ashamed to use it in public or put it on a table when I’m in a pub or restaurant – and for that reason I can’t wait to test…every time it comes out. We don’t have a launch date or price yet, so stay tuned for those, as well as a full review.

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