Northwestel will introduce new internet speeds and reduce the price of certain plans

Northwestel has filed several applications with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to modify its Internet offerings.

A filing says the company wants to introduce two new optimized internet speeds, a 300 Mbps option and a 500 Mbps option, in specific communities. Both will be unlimited in use. The company intends to implement it on September 7.

A second request indicates that Northwestel wants to give customers the option to upgrade their 1Enterprise performance service from 0 Mbps to 20 Mbps. The company lists September 7 as the implementation date.

A third file details the company’s plan to introduce four new Internet packages:

  • Cable Home Internet 500 Unlimited: Offers 500 Mbps download speeds and 20 Mbps upload speeds for $239.95/month
  • Unlimited Residential FTTP Internet: symmetrical speeds of 500Mbps for $239.95/month
  • Unlimited 500 Business Cable Internet: 550 Mbps download speeds and 30 Mbps upload speeds for $499/month
  • internet FTTP business 550 unlimited: symmetrical speeds of 550Mbps for $499/month

Northwestel also says it will waive a $4.95 fee for its residential cable and FTTP 500 plans because the modem for those plans’ speeds offers wireless functionality.

The company says it will also reduce the costs of the following packages:

  • Unlimited Cable 300 Home Internet will go from $239.95/month to $219.95/month
  • unlimited FTTP 300 home internet will be reduced by $239.95/month to $219.95/month
  • 350 Unlimited Business Cable Internet will be discounted from $499/month to $449/month
  • FTTP business 350 unlimited internet will go from $499.95/month to $449.00/month

We note that we do not offer any changes in download speed, upload speed, or other options for these packages,” the app says.

Northwestel wants to implement these changes by October 26th.

All filings were dated August 23 and posted on the CRTC’s website throughout the week.

Image credit: Northwestel/Facebook

Source: CRTC

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