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No less than 1,492 different makes and models have been approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for use in the country.

Phones are said to be approved by the commission to ensure that they are of quality and suitable for sale to Nigerian consumers. Reports, however, show that many unapproved phone brands are sold across the country.

The mobile market: With over 184.4 million mobile subscriptions as of December 2019, Nigeria remains a real market for mobile manufacturers around the world. According to NCC, Chinese cell phone makers currently dominate the Nigerian mobile phone market.

Brands like Tecno, Huawei and ZTE lead the pack of approved devices. The new entrants to the market which are doing well now are also Chinese telephones. They include Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo. The phones have also been approved by the NCC.

However, while the aforementioned products are booming in the mobile phone market, unapproved phones are also selling heavily due to their lower prices as they are mostly substandard or fake. Fairly used phones from UK, US and others are also sold in huge quantities for those who cannot afford to buy a new product.

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By commenting on the rate during which unapproved phones are sold in the country, NCC executive vice president Professor Umar Danbatta urged consumers to refrain from purchasing phones that have not been certified for the market by the NCC. He frowned at the influx of counterfeit devices into the country, saying efforts would be made to educate the NCC alongside other government agencies to address the issue.

Danbatta urged telecommunications consumers to consult the official website of the commission to find the list of approved telephones from which they can make their choice of handsets to buy.

“Cases of influx and sponsorship of counterfeit phones are more common in developing countries, like Nigeria, where importers bring in substandard phones without going through the regulatory type approval process to certify these devices as adapted to the market ”, he noted.

He added that the NCC has been charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the equipment and devices sold and used in Nigeria comply with standards in order to enable the consumer to benefit from his participation in the telecommunications industry.

“As such, all manufacturers, vendors and operators of equipment, including customer devices such as cell phones and wireless adapters, must therefore ensure that their equipment meets the applicable standards prescribed by the Commission before introducing them to Nigeria. “


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