Moto Edge X Confirmed – Could It Be Motorola’s First Gaming Phone?


It looks like a new Motorola phone is coming soon, and this could mark the company’s first step into a particular niche mobile market, as it could end up being a gaming phone.

This is from Lenovo, the company that owns Motorola, as its CEO posted on the Chinese social media network. Weibo about the new Moto Edge X. This post was accompanied by a teaser image, which is just a big X, which you can see above.

According to the post, the “moto edge X is infinitely powerful and full of expectations”, and there is also a reference to the “savior gaming mobile phone pro”, which is unfortunately a big victim of the machine translation jamming. It seems, however, that the Moto Edge X is being considered a gaming phone.

Gaming phones are a particular niche of mobiles that have cutting edge specs and beautiful displays usually paired with mid-range prices, but they often save money in other departments like design or cameras. Sometimes they also have features like multiple USB-C ports, physical triggers, and RGB lights on the back.

Some companies like Xiaomi and Nubia have gaming phone lines, and in fact Lenovo already has the Legion Phone Duel, but it would likely be the first Moto phone designed for gaming. However, the intention of the post might just be to suggest that it will be good for gaming, not a device designed for mobile gaming, and the machine translation means we can’t be sure.

So when will we see the Moto Edge X? The message simply says “countdown” which is vague, but implies it won’t be months away. Keep in mind, however, that this could be a China-only launch – the Moto Edge S only released in that country, but was followed months later by its doppelganger in the Moto. G100 which has been released worldwide.

Analysis: what is the Moto Edge X?

While the Moto Edge S launched worldwide as the Moto G100, there’s a possibility that the Edge X will come as the G200 – and a recent leak has suggested that this latest phone is indeed on the way.

This leak says the phone will have a Snapdragon 888 chipset, a 144Hz display, 8GB of RAM, a 108MP main camera, and six snappers in total. All of these specs would be comfortable in a gaming phone outside of the cameras, especially the leak indicating there would be two on the front – gaming phones tend to have minimal cameras. front to ensure that the screen will take up as much space as possible.

The processor listed here is also curious as a separate leak suggests that Motorola is working hard to release one of the first mobiles with the Snapdragon 898 – it is the successor to the 888, and will be one of the most powerful chipsets used in Android phones.

So, does Motorola have several high-end phones in the works? That would be odd, as the brand usually offers budget or mid-range handsets, but it is possible, as it has moved more into the high-end market in recent years. One of them could then be the Moto Edge X or the Moto G200 – we’ll have to wait to find out which one.

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