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We understand how important it is to have all the facts before choosing a smartphone. Whether you’re more interested in long battery life, a beautiful screen, or the best cameras possible, we surveyed over 15,000 members to find out more about the issues and experiences they’ve had with the devices. brands over the past eight years.

Battery issues are by far the biggest flaw that can develop in smartphones and they account for a third of our members’ problems. However, issues with phones stuck or stuck, as well as being sluggish over time, can also be common.

Fortunately, smartphones seem capable of holding up for a long time. According to our survey, the estimated lifespan – how long a product will last without a defect or problem – is on average over 5.5 years for smartphones. Unfortunately, brands often don’t support devices for that long. While iPhones tend to receive five or six years of updates, some Android phones stop receiving them after two or three years. Using a phone that no longer receives security updates is a risk – read our guide to cell phone security to see how long a phone has left.

In our latest research, we’ve looked at the performance and reliability of some of the most popular smartphone brands, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Google, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Nokia.

Rated smartphone brands

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Table Notes The results are based on a survey of 10,716? members who own smartphones, conducted in July 2021. When “n / a” is reported, there is not enough data.

  • Client satisfaction measures how satisfied the respondent is with their brand of smartphone and how likely they are to recommend it to a friend.
  • Loyalty score is the percentage of respondents who chose or would choose the same brand again when upgrading.
  • Estimated life is the average lifespan of a smartphone before needing to be replaced due to a defect or a significant drop in performance.
  • Consumer lifespan is the average time before a respondent upgrades their smartphone for a reason other than a defect or a significant drop in performance.
  • % replaced within two years shows what percentage of the total number of smartphone replacements took place within two years.

Best vs worst smartphone brands

How long will my smartphone last?

We calculated an estimated average lifespan for each brand of phone. This is based on the experiences of our own members when they need to replace a phone due to a defect beyond their control.

The above data is based on a survey by Which? members in July 2021 covering 10,716 smartphones.

The three most common faults of smartphones

1. Battery issues (33%)

The majority of the faults reported are by far related to the battery life, the charger or the phone losing power quickly. You can improve the time it takes to charge a phone by purchasing a more powerful charger, although this does nothing to improve battery life. Often times, powerful processors and impressive displays on expensive models drain batteries faster, but manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung seem focused on improving the latter in their new models. If you don’t need to have constant internet access, turn it off to improve battery life. Screen dimming usually works too.

2. Telephone accident (8%)

8% of our survey members with a phone failure reported that their smartphone crashed or froze. When this happens, it’s worth reducing your storage and memory as it can slow things down. Restarting or completely resetting the phone can also help.

3. Slow and slow phones (7%)

To try and take the slack off the sluggish phones, cleaning up your storage and clearing your cache will help the processor. The cache stores a lot of information to speed up your experience using apps and web browsers, which means it can store things you don’t need. Always check that your phone does not need to be updated, as running an older operating system can slow things down.

How we calculate the best and the worst smartphone brands

We surveyed over 15,000? members and asked them about the tech products they own, including smartphones.

We calculate a brand’s reliability and customer score based on the results of our annual survey. We combine them with our rigorous laboratory tests to form our recommendations.

Our scores take into account what is important to consumers. We will remove Best Buy status if a phone runs out of security updates within a year.

Visit our smartphone reviews

We independently test over 80 smartphones per year at prices ranging from £ 80 to almost £ 2,000. Our extensive scientific testing means that every phone is tested under identical conditions so that they are directly comparable.

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