Looking for a high-end gaming phone? You should take a closer look at the OnePlus 9RT 5G

A good phone is also a gaming phone. That was the prevailing wisdom before. Even now, that’s true up to a point. But at the same time, we’ve also started to see that some phones now come with features that might not matter much during regular use, but are incredibly helpful during gaming. These are the features that have the potential to improve the user experience while gaming. The OnePlus 9RT 5G, launched earlier in January, is one such “gaming” phone.

As a regular phone, the 9RT 5G looks good, but it packs some gaming-specific features that may make it particularly appealing to users who like to spend an hour or two a day playing something fast and snappy. like Call of Duty or Battlefield on their phone.

So, long story short, if you’re looking to buy a phone that can play the latest games in all their glory, we think the OnePlus 9RT 5G should be on your shortlist. And we give you 5 reasons why we say so. Also considering the way gaming phones work, its price is also quite reasonable with the OnePlus 9RT 5G with 8GB RAM costing Rs 42,999 while the 12GB variant costs Rs 46,999.

Reason 1: Snapdragon 888

First and foremost, a gaming phone needs to be fast. It should be able to run the latest games well with some performance to spare. We’ve generally found OnePlus phones to be fast and smooth and the 9RT is no exception. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processors which is one of the best chipsets you can get in a phone. Additionally, there’s up to 12GB of RAM, which is plenty, and fast UFS 3.1 storage which helps when loading the game. In our previous review, we found that the OnePlus 9RT can handle games with ease. like Call of Duty with the best graphics settings.

Reason 2: Efficient cooling

While peak performance is important, a good gaming phone should be able to sustain that performance for a long time without getting too hot. Because heat equals performance limitation. In our review of the 9RT, we found that even with extended gaming sessions of 30-40 minutes, the phone runs relatively cooler than other OnePlus 9 series devices. This is likely due to the new cooling system that OnePlus used in phone. In the 9RT, the company explains, it placed the cooling pipes particularly close to the chipset and the battery. According to OnePlus, this translates to the OnePlus 9RT 5G, setting “a new thermal efficiency record among OnePlus devices” and providing “a 20% more efficient heat dissipation mechanism compared to the previous OnePlus 9 series”.

Reason 3: Hyper Touch 2.0

One area where gaming phones tend to be better and where more attention is paid is the screen and its smoothness and responsiveness. OnePlus says it has worked on the 9RT display to make it more suitable for gaming. While the OnePlus 9RT 5G’s 6.6-inch screen comes with a 120Hz display, it’s the touch sensitivity that makes the phone stand out from its peers.

The phone comes with Hyper Touch 2.0, which enables a touch response rate of 600Hz, double the 300Hz found on most high-end phones. This means, according to OnePlus, the touch response time of the OnePlus 9RT 5G is 29ms. This arguably makes the 9RT the fastest phone in its segment. In practical terms, this means that not only will gamers find playing Call of Duty on this phone more engaging and responsive, but they will also see that they won’t miss a shot due to latency delays.

Reason 4: 4D haptic feedback

Sound and response is another key aspect of gaming. The OnePlus 9RT 5G has a gaming-specific setting for its haptics – that vibration you feel when tapping on the phone – feedback. This adjusted haptic feedback – and it’s something we noticed in our review – can make gaming on the OnePlus 9RT more immersive.

When it comes to technology, OnePlus calls this feature “4D intelligent haptics”. The company claims that for this feature, it has created a unique algorithm that can recognize visual and audio cues and offer specific haptic feedback during gameplay. In total, the phone has more than 150 unique haptic feedback types. So, for example, when hitting a target in a game with a rifle, the haptic feedback might be different, while shooting a machine gun might provide subtly different feedback to your palms.

Reason 5: nice appearance

With the concept of gaming phones now a reality, we have also started to see a trend where gaming phones look different. Some people indeed like their gaming phones to have lights, bulletproof vests, and adornments. But most people cannot because phones are not only used while gaming but also while working in the office. The OnePlus 9RT 5G, despite its specific cooling characteristics, is a sleek and beautiful phone. It is neither bulky nor does it look like an armored tank. Instead, it looks elegant. And that, we think, works in its favor.

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