Lenovo Legion Y90 Gaming Phone with 144Hz Display, Dual Motor Air-Cooled Coming January 1


Lenovo kicks off the year 2022 with a bang and is called Legion Y90. The new gaming phone will bring a high quality screen and a fast processor.


  • Lenovo has announced that the Legion Y90 gaming phone will launch on January 1.
  • The Legion Y90 is confirmed to have a screen with a 720Hz touch sample rate.
  • The phone will also come with a dual-engine air cooling system inside.

New year, new phones. While nearly all smartphone brands will launch their phone launch within the first week, Lenovo plans to outdo them by scheduling its new gaming phone to launch on the very first day of 2022. Legion Y90 gaming phone from Lenovo is coming January 1. the company advertised through a poster on Weibo.

The Legion Y90 will join Lenovo’s gaming product line under the Legion brand. The Legion brand is famous for Lenovo’s high-end PCs, laptops and gaming accessories, and with smartphones the company now wants to target mobile gamers. But this phone will arrive in China first, so we will have to wait for any announcements regarding India.

To woo them, Lenovo is offering a 6.92-inch AMOLED E4 display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 720Hz touch sample rate. The screen reportedly supports HDR, which means games will have look better and will work with high graphics. The phone’s screen will be calibrated independently of colors and will also use anti-blue light protection so gamers can spend more time on the phone without worrying about their eyes.

Lenovo also revealed that the Legion Y90 will come with a dual-engine air-cooling system, but it hasn’t explained how that system will work. It may be an upgraded version of the dual-turbocharged active-passive central cooling system that was available in the Legion 2 Pro. Maybe the launch event on January 1 is where we’ll find out in detail, but right now the only thing we know, thanks to a company employee, is that the phone will be able to run. games at 120 fps for 20 to 30 minutes without getting warm. He shared a screenshot of a temperature widget, which shows the frame rate at 122Hz and the phone’s temperature at 38.9 degrees Celsius.

Other than this information, Lenovo says nothing else at this time. But there will certainly be plenty of talk about the new Legion Y90 phone at the upcoming event.

For now, the Lenovo phone appears to be a good rival to the Asus ROG Phone 5, which arrived earlier this year. But in terms of performance, the Legion Y90 can be much faster because Lenovo is expected to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor in the phone while the ROG Phone 5 uses the Snapdragon 888. And that also means that the Legion Y90 will be the tallest. range from Lenovo. late model in the gaming phone line.

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