Lenovo could unveil its Legion Y90 gaming phone this month

Lenovo is rumored to be unveiling its Legion Y90 gaming phone at an event this month. And with only a few weeks left in February, a Y90 Legion reveal, if it happens this month, should be soon.

Although Lenovo has yet to make an official announcement on this, it seems to have teased an event for February. The event is said to focus on the upcoming phone. And an image shared from the Lenovo account on Chinese social media site Weibo would seem to confirm this.

The teaser post was spotted by SeekDevice, which notes that the event will take place on February 28 at 7:00 p.m. CST local time in China. That would put the start of the event at 3:00 a.m. PST on February 27 here on the West Coast.

Lenovo may hold a Legion Y90 reveal event on February 28

Lenovo Legion Y90 teaser image

From the timeline, it’s clear that Lenovo has Something to be shown on February 28. And while the company isn’t directly referring to a gaming phone, the included image points to a Legion “Y” product. The Legion Y90 has already been rumored for a little while. It is therefore not surprising to see that it is the most suspicious device to show up at this event.

In addition to the Legion Y90, Lenovo is also believed to unveil the Legion Y700 gaming tablet. A tablet with an 8.8-inch 2.5K resolution display and 120Hz refresh rate. It is also said to have a Snapdragon 870 mobile processor. play for more than 6 hours or more.

Lenovo also has the Legion Phone 3 in the works. Recently leaked renders show what the device looks like. It is uncertain whether Lenovo will reveal this phone at the event as well. But that would make sense given that these three devices are (initially) intended for the Chinese market.

There are only a few weeks left until Lenovo’s big event. The company could therefore share more teasers in the coming days. It also means that before long, more details about the device should emerge, including specs, availability and pricing.

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