iPhone 13 at Rs. 58,900! AWESOME price reduction offer! See how to get it now

The iPhone 13 can be had for Rs. 58,900 on Flipkart if you take advantage of all the banking and exchange offers. Here’s how you can get it.

iPhone 13 at Rs. 58,900? Yes, you read that right. Apple’s most popular smartphone of recent times is available with a great deal that can make your wallet happy! Deals on the iPhone 13 have been gone lately and there are only a few places where you can get great deals on a shiny new iPhone 13. While other portals sell the iPhone 13 at its full price, it is Flipkart that can get your smartphone at its lowest possible price but with conditions applied.

The iPhone 13 continues to see huge demand even after seven months of existence and Apple doesn’t seem to be in the mood to cut its price. Therefore, you should take full advantage of the offers to save money. The iPhone 13 only has a standard price reduction on Flipkart and the original HDFC bank card offer is on the handset. Moreover, you can take advantage of Flipkart’s trade-in offer to get an even better deal. Continue reading.

iPhone 13 at Rs. 58,900 — How to Get It

As always, Flipkart is offering a direct price reduction of Rs. 5,000 off the original iPhone 13 price. This brings the price down to Rs. 74,900 for the base 128GB variant, which in itself is a bargain for the wallet. However, it doesn’t stop there.

If you make the transaction through HDFC bank cards, you can save additional Rs. 5,000 on this price. That brings it down to Rs. 69,900. That makes it a bargain for someone buying an iPhone 13 right now. But wait, there is another way to lower the price and that involves trading in your old iPhone.

The Flipkart trade-in offer will give you great value for used iPhones, and so if you’re upgrading from an older iPhone model, you can save more money on the iPhone. iPhone 13. For example, with a used iPhone XR in good condition with no scratches and damage, you can get a trade-in value of yo at Rs. 16,000. iPhone 13 at Rs. 58,900.

This price for a phone like the iPhone 13 is absolutely amazing. The iPhone 13 is still among the most powerful and capable smartphones you can buy. It also has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. The iPhone 13 also offers much better battery life than ever before.

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