How to Save on RedMagic 7 Gaming Phone

Mobile gaming keeps getting better as Android gets more games and chipsets get more powerful. REDMAGIC 7 is out this month, and early buyers can save on the powerful new gaming phone. Here’s how.

REDMAGIC 7 – Here’s what it offers.

The REDMAGIC 7, made by Nubia, is the latest in a line of gaming-focused Android smartphones. This latest model adopts Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is quite a significant upgrade over the previous generation, especially with a much more powerful GPU. That means the RedMagic 7 is a much more powerful smartphone for gaming, and its special features only sweeten the pot.

At the hardware level, REDMAGIC includes a special cooling method that improves airflow even when the phone is under heavy load or charging at 65W. The phone also comes with 30% faster SSD storage than some competitors.

To further improve gaming performance, the REDMAGIC 7 comes with a special version of Android 12 which includes a feature called “Game Space”. The feature is easily accessible during a game to see how the phone’s CPU and GPU are accessed, with shortcuts to system settings such as brightness or screen recording, as well as useful gaming apps such as Discord. There are also features for taking quick notes during a game or capturing screenshots. There are even stopwatch and timer tools that can be useful in some games, and a floating image can be placed on games to keep information handy at all times.

Looking at the hardware, games will be smooth thanks to the REDMAGIC 7’s 165Hz display. The 6.8-inch screen is an AMOLED panel with vivid colors and deep blacks, and FHD resolution to keep games crisp without sacrificing performance. A whopping 720Hz touch sampling rate ensures nothing slows down your speed when pressing that trigger. 2.0 Magic GPU further improves image stabilization by 60%, ensuring you get a consistent frame rate.

Perhaps the most important part of the gaming experience on REDMAGIC 7 is the pair of touch trigger controls, which allow you to interact with games without covering the screen. With a 500Hz touch sample rate and 7.4ms response time, these two triggers are useful in games ranging from Geshin Impact to Call of Duty Mobile and more.

How to save on the REDMAGIC 7

REDMAGIC 7 will be available in select regions from March 10, with pricing starting at $629 (€629 / £529) for the 12GB / 128GB model and going up to $799 (€799 / £679) for the super powerful 18GB / 256GB model. Availability of the phone will increase during the second quarter of 2022.

You can, however, save on this introductory price for the REDMAGIC 7 by using the early bird voucher. The voucher, available for just $1.99 (€1.99/£1.99) cuts $20 (€20/£20) off the final cost of the phone. You can get your voucher here.

Vote for a chance to win a REDMAGIC 7

Even better, you can also have a chance to win a REDMAGIC 7 for free. REDMAGIC will host a gaming competition from March 4 through Game 6 at 1:00 p.m. ET. The competition will put teams through Call of Duty Mobile.

You will be able to vote for the winning team for a chance to win a REDMAGIC 7 for yourself. You can enter the contest here.

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