Here’s what we want to see from the rumored OnePlus gaming phone

Could famed Android phone maker OnePlus be working on a gaming smartphone? That’s what a new rumor suggests, and it comes from a pretty convincing source.

Digital Chat Station is a popular Chinese leaker with an excellent track record, and they recently posted on social media platform Weibo to give some juicy OnePlus news. Apparently, the company is working on a new line of phones “focused on performance and gaming experience”.

This would join the company’s main series of phones, the next of which, the OnePlus 10, is due soon, as well as the OnePlus Nord range of mid-range and budget devices.

According to Digital Chat Station, a “flagship processor” and a “high-quality direct display” are OnePlus’ priorities for the smartphone, which isn’t really surprising, given that they’re two of the most important aspects for smartphones. games.

But we’ve seen plenty of mobiles aimed at the gaming niche in our time, and some are far better for a quick game of Call of Duty: Mobile, a Fortnite stint, or a long Rome: Total War binge than others. With that in mind, here are some features and specs we’d like OnePlus to introduce to make its supposedly competitive gaming phone.

1. Physical triggers

Physical triggers can have such a dramatic impact on how you play a game that we’re always surprised when gaming mobiles come out. without them.

If you’re playing a competitive online shooter, the ability to easily press a button on the edge of the screen, instead of having to reach up to the screen to press in a certain area, makes a big difference. in how you can play.

This very literally means the difference between life and death in quick matches, and we always find that we perform better when using a phone with physical edge buttons.

Magic Red Nubia 6

Magic Red Nubia 6 (Image credit: future)

A good example is the Nubia Red Magic 6 – while it wasn’t the best in the world in the software or camera departments, it was amazing for gaming, simply because it had easy-to-use side triggers.

We have to see this kind of feature in a OnePlus gaming phone to make sure it stands a chance against other rival mobiles with this feature. It’s also not an unrealistic hope, as OnePlus actually designed clip-on triggers for mobile games that went on sale in India, so it’s clearly something the company has been considering.

2. Huge battery

The best gaming phones have bright, high-resolution displays with fast refresh rates because it improves the way you play. It was initially rumored to be something OnePlus is already working on, but there’s something else we need to see. A big battery.

Large screens can drain quickly, especially with flashy features like high resolution and fast refresh rates, and we’ve been in countless games where a low battery alarm will go off in the middle of frenetic combat.

If the OnePlus gaming phone is going to impress us, we’d like to see a big power supply to keep it going for long periods of play. We’re talking 5,000mAh at the minimum, but maybe 6,000mAh or even more if possible.

Charging speed isn’t as important for gaming, although we’re big fans of fast-charging phones in general.

3. A pop-up camera

Lenovo Legion 2 Phone Duel

The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Traditionally, gaming phones have housed their front cameras in the bezel, so there’s no notch or “hole punch” to break the screen, which can be annoying for gamers.

That hasn’t always been the case – for example, the Xiaomi Black Shark 4 has a punch hole, making it less than ideal for playing games.

Admittedly, phones with large bezels often look a bit old-school, as current design trends in mobiles have pushed towards minimal bezels. So it seems that there is no perfect solution…

…except there is, and it’s the one Lenovo stumbled upon. Its Legion Gaming Phone Duel has a pop-up section to hide the selfie snapper within the body of the phone, ensuring it’s out of the way when you don’t need it.

This isn’t a Lenovo-exclusive feature, and many companies have experimented with pop-ups. Even OnePlus has done it, in the case of the OnePlus 7 Pro family.

So we’d like the company to dust off its pop-up tech for its gaming phone, so we can have an uninterrupted screen and minimal bezel.

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