Get two glasses for the price of one with this epic deal from Liingo Eyewear


Liingo glasses / Screenshot by CNET

Whether you need corrective lenses or are just looking for blue light specs to help you in the office, Liingo glasses has you covered. With a ton of frame and lens options, you can customize your new eyewear to your exact needs. They also have a nifty tool where you can virtually “try” different frames, helping you order the right frame to complement your face.

At present when you buy a pair of glasses, you can get another one for free with code HAPPYBOGO. It applies to the whole site, whether you mix and match or buy frames on clearance. Some options, like multifocal lenses, will be charged extra, but all are upfront when choosing your customizations, so you can make the right choice while keeping your budget under control. Liingo offers transition glasses and other specialty options. So this offer is worth checking out if you need glasses. This offer is valid until Tuesday, December 21.

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