Diesel gasoline prices have gone up or down, know today’s price

New Delhi: Even today, the oil companies have given great relief to the common man from gasoline and diesel prices. Yes, and even today there has been no change in gasoline and diesel prices and they are at the old level. Let us tell you that the last time the companies increased by 80 paise per liter was April 6, the last time the oil prices were changed was April 6, 2022.

What is the price today? –
Petrol in Delhi rs 105.41 and diesel rs 96.67 per liter
– Petrol in Noida at Rs 105.47 and diesel at Rs 97.03 per liter
Gasoline rs 120.51 and diesel rs 104.77 per liter in Mumbai
– Petrol in Chennai at Rs 110.85 and diesel at Rs 100.94 per liter
Petrol in Kolkata at Rs 115.12 and diesel at Rs 99.83 per liter
Gasoline rs 105.25 and diesel Rs 96.83 per liter in Lucknow
Petrol rs 116.23 and diesel rs 101.06 per liter in Patna
– Petrol in Port Blair at Rs 91.45 and diesel at Rs 85.83 per liter
– Petrol in Ganganagar (Rajasthan) at Rs 122.93 and diesel at Rs 105.34 per liter

Now check the price of gasoline and diesel sitting at home – You can check the price of gasoline-diesel of your city by sending a single SMS from your mobile phone sitting at home. For this, you just need to send an SMS from your mobile number to the number 9224992249, after which the latest price for this day will come to you in the form of a message.

To make this message you will have to write the code of RSP petrol pump dealer and send to 92249 92249. If you are in Delhi and want to know the price of diesel petrol via message, you should write 102072 rsp and send to 9224992249.

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