Compared to Samsung, most Australian brands of Android phones have virtually no quality cases and accessories available.



Australians who have purchased a mid-range or flagship Android phone that is not a Samsung model have little or no choice when it comes to buying quality cases and accessories from a retail store or a reputable Australian online store.

Sure, some Ausdroid readers will be happy to buy an unnamed case on AliExpress or Ebay and wait a week or two for it to ship from China, but frankly, that’s not good enough.

Samsung Australia’s accessories store sets the standard for Australian Android phone manufacturers with 99 different cases available for their current and past flagship and mid-range phone models. That doesn’t even count all the other Samsung phone accessories like fast chargers, cables, power supplies, etc.

While non-Samsung Android phone brands like OPPO, LG, and TCL are going to design slippery all-glass phones, they also need to make it easy for people to buy a solid, quality case for their new phone. Speaking of OPPO, they have had an Accessories section on their Australian site for several years where you can buy more of their super fast charging cables, adapters, power banks and car chargers, but there is only only one case for one model. It’s a start, but more choice of cases to please OPPO.

This is the sort of thing that all other Android phone makers have to put together and deliver.

As an example, there is Samsung’s Korean counterpart, LG. They do not sell any phone accessories online in Australia. LG recently launched its new top-of-the-line Velvet phone which we reviewed recently.

As buyer “Stevie” commented on LG Australia’s website a few days ago, it’s nice that LG includes a free soft case, but they:

“I’ve been looking for accessories all week, not much to find at the moment”

I managed to find a reputable Australian phone accessories website, Mobile Zap, which sells five different LG Velvet cases from good manufacturers like Olixar, Ringke, and Spigen. Besides that, the only options are a few unnamed cases of unknown quality imported from China via Ebay etc.

In terms of new entrants to the mid-range phone market, TCL Australia is showing good signs. Alcatel / TCL Mobile VP and Regional General Manager, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Sam Skontos told Ausdroid during a recent briefing for the new TCL 10 Pro and 10L that his company was planning to launch its own Australian website for phone accessories and products. bundles. Hopefully in the near future this means Australians will be able to easily buy phones, tablets etc. and TCL accessories from a trusted source, because if an Australian buys a TCL 10 Pro or 10L today, there are literally no phone case accessories available for sale for these models. from any reputable Australian physical or online retailer.

It’s time for phone makers to start thinking about after-sales service which should include providing accessories to use their products to the best of their ability – and that should include a decent case so the new phone doesn’t break. the first time. .

What do you think of the current situation where most brands of Android phones have low Australian retail availability of quality cases and accessories compared to Samsung’s excellent effort?


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