Books remain at the same price despite rising costs

CINCINNATI — It’s been hard to find something that hasn’t gone up in price over the past few months. But there are some items that haven’t gone up and one of them is favorite summer activity books.

Local booksellers hope this will encourage more people to come and buy them this summer.

What do you want to know

  • The price of most things rising due to inflation, the books stayed the same
  • Baseball game tickets, smartphones and jewelry have actually come down in price since last year
  • Local booksellers hope the community will turn to books this summer as an economical way to keep themselves entertained
  • Booksellers don’t know if inflation will ultimately affect book prices

Tiffany Fawley isn’t afraid to share her opinions on books.

“It’s kind of my escape,” she said.

Tiffany Fawley said books were her escape. (Katie Kapusta/ Spectrum News 1)

She is co-owner of the Book Rack in Anderson Township, which has been a staple in suburban Cincinnati since 1988.

And although the store has been through tough times over the past two years, they are surprised that recent inflation hasn’t affected them.

“I was kind of expecting it to go up,” Fawley said.

While most things go up in price, some don’t. According Axios, baseball games, smartphones and jewelry are all cheaper this year than last year. For the books, they remained the same.

“You would think that as a book production it would cause a price issue and all that,” Fawley said. “But it’s not. So I’m shocked and excited about this!

Fawley hopes people can embrace reading this summer. (Katie Kapusta/ Spectrum News 1)

For Fawley, she hopes books that remain affordable will remind people of the joy and ease of opening a book, especially during the summer.

“You can go home and read,” she says. “You don’t spend a lot of money on gasoline. You don’t have to spend money to go here and there. It’s nice and relaxing and you get away from the crazy world just to sit at home and read.

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