Blackview Launches World’s First 5G Rugged Gaming Flagship, BL5000



Looking for a gaming phone or rugged phone that you come across, you’ll find plenty of brands, available from the best to the most affordable. But it’s totally the opposite, when it comes to rugged gaming phones. But the recently launched Blackview BL5000 tells us that a rugged phone can, too. offer flagship performance. And with solid specs, it can smoothly run hundreds of popular big 3D games, like Genshin Impact.

Blackview never ceases to challenge the rugged borders of the phone. They brought us the world’s first thermal camera rugged phone (BV9800 Pro), the world’s first 5G and toughest rugged smartphone (BL6000 Pro) and many more. In 2021, Blackview will once again amaze the market with the BL5000 – the world’s first flagship rugged gaming phone with 5G and 125 ° ultra-wide dual camera.

The avant-garde game, born to win

As a flagship phone, the Blackview BL5000 comes with a series of gaming-centric features designed to optimize performance and deliver unblocked, lag-free gameplay in Genshin Impact. The features are not top notch at first glance individually. But when combined, it all adds up perfectly, transforming the BL5000 into an absolute delight for gamers.

Staggering speed, faster than your opponents

(Double 5G & MediaTek Dimensity 700 & UFS 2.2 & HyperEngine)

Game speed is undoubtedly one of the factors that kill the triumph. And the BL5000 flagship phone will let you play best with its high speed. It supports dual 5G, which ensures seamless transfer between two 5G connections and high network reliability, ensuring you unparalleled speed of downloading, launching and running games.

In addition, it embeds the MediaTek Dimensity 700 octa-core 7nm chipset with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, operating up to fast 2.2 GHz. Combined with 60Hz screen refresh rate and 120Hz touch sample rate, 128GB UFS 2.2 internal storage, and HyperEngine technology, it delivers up to 40% speed improvements . So even graphics-intensive games will load noticeably faster without any latency.

Most immersive visual, audio and tactile experience

(6.36 inch FHD + screen and 1217 super linear speaker and 3D Copper Pipe Liquid Cooling System)

To enhance immersion in games, the BL5000 is high in all aspects. The 6.36 inch FHD + 1080 * 2300 display with 84% screen-to-body ratio and 400 ppi density provides wide viewing with extreme clarity. Packing a 1217 ultra-linear speaker with a large 0.9cc physical cavity, it delivers punchy sound with all the benefits.

When you fight in intense gaming battles, many phones overheat and slow down quickly, even some flagship models. With 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology to effectively improve heat dissipation by 30%, the BL5000 always stays cool even when playing headlines.

Newly upgraded Doke OS 2.1, born for gaming

(Game themes and game mode wallpapers)

Blackview also made great strides in the development of the operating system and finally implemented the Doke operating system. The upgrade from OS 1.0 to OS 2.1 also places a lot more emphasis on gaming. Flagship BL5000 comes with specially designed wallpapers with game themes for keen gamers as a bonus. Gaming mode allows you to exploit any potential issues for gaming purposes. You can block calls or notifications and much more. And preventing accidental contact ensures precise control.

Fuel yourself longer for non-stop play

(4980mAh Battery & Ultrasave Mode & 30W Quick Charge & L-Charging Cable)

One of the strengths of all Blackview products is their big battery and BL5000 toes line. Coupled with MediaTek 5G UltraSave technology saving 40% more energy, the 4980 mAh battery can offer at least 8 hours of gaming. The BL5000 also supports 30W fast charging and fully charges in 80 minutes. The specially designed L-shaped charging cable ensures a natural grip. So you never have to stop your game to refuel.

Best travel companion, great alternative to the PS4

(Military grade roughness and high waterproofness)

True to the Rugged Phone designation, the BL5000 features a durable double-molded back cover and high-strength Corning Gorilla Glass 5. travel phones. With all the features mentioned above, BL5000 offers a mobile gaming experience not inferior to PS4 or Nintendo Switch. No more carrying extra gaming devices on the trip.

Cutting-edge photography with an ultra-wide 125 ° view and premium nighttime selfies

BL5000 is also no slouch in the photography department. Blackview has contributed to the pursuit of speed and quality in photography for years and has made inroads with the Blackview A100 – as the fastest focusing and fastest photo-shooting consumer smartphone under $ 300 . BL5000 also promises to transcend performance with uncompromising photography quality, combining various optimizations of camera algorithms. Equipped with 16MP 125 ° ultra-wide camera for wider shooting range, 12MP Sony® IMX362 for faster focusing and shooting speed and 16MP Samsung® S5K3P9SP for better selfies in low light.

16MP 125 ° ultra-wide camera, most beauties taken in one frame

In fact, even some flagship phones would kill the 16MP 125 ° ultra wide-angle camera. You will never have to struggle between better photo quality and more content in a single image. The BL5000 offers a wider field of view and incredible image detail in one package. It is therefore perfect for taking group photos and capturing splendid landscape scenes.

12MP Sony® IMX362, Excel in Wonderful Moments Shooting and Creative Shooting with Surprising Photo Quality

The main rear camera is the 12MP Sony® IMX362, the same pixel resolution as the iPhone 12. Initiated by the Blackview A100, this 1 / 2.55 ″ sensor has a 6p lens, wide pixels of 1, 4μm and an f / 1.75 aperture to capture more light for a better image, even in low-light environments. Closed-loop VCM system and Dual Pixel technology increase autofocus speed up to 0.03s. With burst shooting up to 10 fps, you can get at least 10 photos in one second. Don’t miss a fleeting moment and nothing can hold back your creative shot.

Samsung® S5K3P9SP and 16MP tetrapixel, more great selfies at night

The top 4mm front punch hole incorporates a 16 MP Samsung® S5K3P9SP sensor. For low light conditions, it adopts Tetrapixel technology, which improves light sensitivity by merging four neighboring pixels to function as a single large pixel and take 12MP photos with better exposure and low noise. For well-lit areas, it uses the Remosaic algorithm to rearrange colors according to the Bayer RGB pattern and provides high-resolution 16MP photos. Take vivid selfies even at night.

In addition, there are more advanced features like 2nd generation HDR and Super Night Mode algorithm, 2K video shooting, Smart AI Beauty algorithm, PortraitColor, monochrome mode and underwater mode to differentiate this flagship model BL5000 from other rugged phones.

So if you are looking for a rugged phone, which can play hot games and take outstanding photos as well as videos outdoors, Blackview The BL5000 rugged gaming phone will be the best choice. It should also hit the market very soon with a very affordable price on top of that.


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