Asus upgrades ROG gaming phone to faster processor and color rear display



ROG Phone 5s and 5s Pro to release next month

Asus’ bombastic ROG Phone 5 is only five months old, but it’s already undergoing a mid-cycle refresh. Say hello to the ROG Phone 5s and 5s Pro, which look almost identical to the original. That’s because they are: Other than a slight bump with the latest Snapdragon 888+ chipset and a slightly improved 360Hz touch sample rate on their 144Hz AMOLED displays, they’re pretty much the same. . The 5s sticks to the decorative dot-matrix RGB graphics on the back, while the 5s Pro (above) upgrades the ROG 5 Ultimate’s black-and-white rear display to a new color OLED display.

Otherwise the phones are pretty much the same as they were last time around. That means a 6.78-inch 1080p display, with an infinitely faster response rate of 24ms (up from 24.3), a 6,000mAh battery (split into two chambers for better cooling and better balance) and a triple rear camera setup. These break down into a 64MP primary, 5MP macro, 13MP ultra-wide, and an impressive 24MP front camera. Other perks include an in-screen fingerprint reader, headphone jack, front-facing stereo speakers, built-in DAC, 65-watt (wireless) charging, two USB-C ports, and integrated tactile triggers.

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The RAM and storage setup is a bit different this time around. Both phones boast an impressive 512GB storage capacity, but the ROG Phone 5s comes in various flavors. You can get RAM and storage combinations ranging from “only” 8GB / 128GB to 18GB / 512GB in the high end, available in white or black. (The smaller RAM and storage capacities are on the Asus website, but don’t seem to be listed at launch.) ROG 5s Pro Phone, with its upgraded rear display, is only available in this top tier 18GB / 512GB bundle. It also includes an AeroActive Cooler 5 with its physical trigger buttons in the box (a separate purchase of $ 70). The cooler, as well as the rest of the accessories created for the ROG Phone 5, are compatible with the new models.

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ROG Phone 5s Pro on the left, 5s on the right.

Asus Taiwan says the 16GB / 256GB version of the ROG Phone 5s will cost 29,990 NTD ($ 1,077), the 16GB / 512GB version goes up to 33,990 NTD, and the ROg Phone 5s Pro in its single configuration will cost 37,990 NTD (approx. $ 1,365) when they launch on September 30. Pre-orders will receive a free game controller – a nice touch. International sales of the ROG 5s series have not been announced.

The ROG Phone 5 is a beast of a device, pushing the boundaries in both gaming phone design and pocket stitching. But if the original didn’t convince you to drop more than a mile on its awe-inspiring hardware, I doubt those little upgrades will push you past the threshold.

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