Apple’s Tim Cook Threatens ALL Brands of Android Phones: “iPhone SE Is Faster Than Faster Android Phone”



On April 15, Apple’s new low-budget iPhone, called iPhone SE, was unveiled in the global market despite the danger of the coronavirus. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook poses a threat to all brands of phones – especially Android phones – to upgrade their devices, otherwise the iPhone SE can rob Android users to switch to the Iphone. He even boasted that the iPhone SE is faster than any of the fastest Android phones, which means the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Apple CEO: “iPhone SE is faster than the fastest Android phone”

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Apple’s Tim Cook Threatens ALL Brands of Android Phones: “iPhone SE Is Faster Than Faster Android Phone”

In a recent report from 9to5mac, the CEO of Apple believes the launch of the iPhone SE will make a huge difference to their business. The device was only released in a few weeks, but the positive response from reviews on the model is overwhelmingly good.

The iPhone SE model was one of the surprising model brands launched by the company this year. Aside from its unscheduled release date, the iPhone SE is also the cheapest iPhone model, which is why most people call it Apple’s new budget iPhone.

Not only that, but the specs of the device are also extremely wonderful compared to the older models. This device features the A13 Bionic chip, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone and has the best single camera system of an iPhone, according to the official announcement.

With its great specs and lower prices, is it better than a normal Android phone?

Apple’s CEO thinks so.

IPhone SE Can Beat All Other Android Phones, Says CEO

Apple's Tim Cook Threatens ALL Brands of Android Phones:

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Apple’s Tim Cook Threatens ALL Brands of Android Phones: “iPhone SE Is Faster Than Faster Android Phone”

According to the report, Cook expects the device to attract more Android users to upgrade to iOS. Calling the iPhone SE “faster than the fastest Android phone”.

“It plays in all geographies, but I would expect to see it do even better where median incomes are lower. I would expect a fair number of people to switch to iOS. It’s an offer. incredible. It’s the engine of our best phones in a very affordable package, and it’s faster than the fastest Android phones. It’s exceptional value, “he said.

If we base the fastest Android phone of 2020 via a Tech Radar station, the top spot goes to the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones. Interestingly, Samsung smartphones are very expensive compared to the Apple iPhone SE with just $ 399, then $ 800 to $ 1,000 of the S20’s base price.

Apple bounces back in the charts

Cook also boasted that Apple is now returning to its higher sales in early April. Without knowing whether it is due to the iPhone SE or not, the CEO of Apple said that the company now thinks optimistically about the success of its recent sales to the world.

After all of Apple’s physical stores were taken offline due to the coronavirus, the company’s sales also had a “very depressing” month, according to Cook.

Maybe the iPhone SE really saves the day.

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