Apple enters the gaming phone space with its iPhone 13


Among the specs and features that scrolled across the screen were a few key clues that the latest luxury device is looking to make big strides in the gaming phone space, Apple revealed the iPhone 13.

While Samsung certainly hasn’t tackled the world of high-end gaming phones head-on, it has always felt a bit more off the curve than its main competitor. However, the iPhone 13 proves that Apple is definitely aiming for luxury mobile games.

The iPhone 13 Pro is best positioned to take on some of the most recognizable gaming-focused brands, with a 120Hz display, a 1TB storage option, and an additional GPU core. However, even the base model is looking to make waves in mobile gaming with a powerful chipset and new gaming-focused iOS 15 features.

Sure, we’ve had Apple Arcade for a few years now, but Apple has yet to see it gain momentum. Over the past few months, however, we’ve had some big-name titles on the digital shelves, from NBA 2K22 to Castlevania. With LEGO Star Wars Battles and Thumper slated for release on the service, it certainly feels like things are picking up speed.

This is certainly true with the iPhone 13. The hardware we saw this morning gives Apple a huge advantage in many ways. While the best gaming phones sport stylish RGB, dedicated gaming control panels, and all the bloatware that comes with a specialty device, the iPhone 13 is – basically – a smartphone. It turns out that this is a smartphone that, finally, has a 120 Hz display, support for the next generation operating system and a quad-core graphics processor that is supposed to be capable of incredible frame rates.

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  • Apple enters the gaming phone space with its iPhone 13
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