A sturdy case at an affordable price

The Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is a solid choice if you’re looking for protection, affordability, and convenience all rolled into one. It has a built-in kickstand that easily pops out of its small recess on the case, making it easy to watch videos or use your phone without having to hold it.

Granted, it’s not the sleekest phone case, but it does a good job of protecting your iPhone from bumps, knocks, and scratches. In fact, it has passed standard military-grade testing, combined with Air Cushion technology, to ensure that your phone is not damaged by daily use or occasional accidents.

While there aren’t many choices in terms of colors or design, the Spigen Tough Armor is definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for a basic iPhone 12 Pro Max case that’s easy to fit and comfortable to hold. .

Main characteristics
  • Integrated kickstand
  • Standard military grade protection
  • Shockproof
  • Air cushion technology
  • Brand: Spigen
  • Material: TPU
  • Wireless charging support: Yes
  • Mass: 0.035oz
  • Screen protector included: Nope
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Total depth with phone only 0.46 inches
The inconvenients
  • Not many color choices
  • Kickstand seems flimsy
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Protecting your iPhone 12 Pro Max is what matters, and the Spigen Tough Armor case was designed to do just that.

There’s a lot going on in this little package, including military-grade standard testing, shockproof protection, and double layers to keep your phone in pristine condition.

But, hidden within its sleek black design, you’ll soon appreciate the added extra: a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing on your iPhone, making it a great choice when looking for the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases for your phone.

Durable design

Despite its name, the Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is surprisingly light and thin. It adds just 0.16 inches thicker when installed on your iPhone, making it a great choice for people who don’t want a bulky phone case.

The flexible interior is soft and ensures your phone won’t scratch inside the case, while the exterior is durable and features shock absorbing foam to absorb impact.

Spigen prides itself on its durability, and it shows in the design of the Tough Armor case. Air Cushion technology protects the corners of your iPhone 12 Pro Max from damage in the event of a drop. They feel solid and when pushed are hard to bend.

Like the Apple Silicone Case, the only exposed areas are the Lightning port, the speakers, and the Silent/Call switch, all of which appear to be properly aligned when the case is on the phone. However, getting the case on your iPhone 12 Pro Max can be a bit fiddly and requires a bit of tweaking before it’s perfect.



Being able to prop up your phone is definitely a feature that some users appreciate. It’s much more convenient to watch content on your phone, take video calls, or scroll through recipes.

The built-in kickstand on the Spigen Tough Armor case is easy to pop out with your fingers, however, it is quite flimsy and you can bend it with a bit of force. It’s also possible to tilt the kickstand, which isn’t supposed to happen, nor is that a feature of this case.

But, if you’re gentle, once the kickstand is in place, it holds the phone firmly and offers a good horizontal angle.

Durability and protection

According to Spigen, this case has passed standard military-grade testing. This means that the Spigen Tough Armor has been put through various iterations of testing to simulate certain conditions such as shock and vibration.

Before being installed on your iPhone, the case is lightweight and the hard back can even be removed (although I’m not sure why you would want to do that). However, once lit, it is certainly durable, scratch resistant, and protective.

The power and volume buttons are responsive and easy to press, but feel like they have enough padding if you drop your phone. And, without feeling too bulky, the case does a great job of keeping camera lenses from sticking out of the case, ensuring they don’t get scratched or damaged.

A tough deal to beat

If you’re not worried about being able to charge your iPhone using a MagSafe charger, the Spigen Tough Armor is a solid choice.

Spigen is a big name in the phone case market, and there’s clearly a reason for that, which has been on display in this affordable iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

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