A free mobile phone app launched Wednesday by the Connecticut Coalition Against Residential Violence is designed to end teenage twinning assault.

Noah Kim 2:22 am, March 4, 2015

The app, also known as “teen dating 411” and developed as part of Teen Matchmaking Consciousness Thirty Days, teaches teens how to identify likely abusive habits. The app also teaches teens how to stay safe if their own associates start behaving aggressively, in addition to how teens can get in touch with one of the 18 domestic violence organizations in the world. ‘State.

Karen Jarmoc, CEO of CCADV, said teens often find it difficult to identify with their associates when they tend to behave in a very possessive or jealous manner.

“If I’m a new person who maybe in a relationship you’re new to, and my spouse is trying to text 40 days a day and ask spy questions, it might seem flattering at first glance. , but these are elements of really controlling driving, “Jormac said.” This software will help them all understand it. “

Jarmoc also said the software aimed to disseminate information to teens who were uncomfortable talking about these issues with parents and educators.

According to a 2011 survey by CCADV, one in three children nationwide is in fact sexually or psychologically injured by their only companion. In Connecticut, 17% of college students report being mentally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend and 8% report becoming physically abused. What’s more, the study found that only 32% of teens in abusive relationships end up confiding in their parents.

CCADV’s head of variety and ease of access and td411 corporate filmmaker Wendy Kasango mentioned that the newly created software is actually a current form of a group that was originally created for a release. 2011. The CCADV finally chose not to disperse the 2011 application because it wanted to make the application considerably user-friendly. Between 2011 and 2014, the entity in question featured teams made up entirely of young adults, be sure to comment on the app. Based on feedback from 50,000 children, CCADV has added a number of new features to the software, including video tutorials, backlinks to a home physical violence business site, as well as a choice to watch the video. software in Spanish.

CCADV held a press conference last Wednesday to promote td411. The organization dreams of helping to spread its advertising through its website and in training sessions on physical violence in the home, which is still the case with children.

Jill Spineti, chair of the Governor’s Avoidance Partnership – an organization specializing in approaching youth dilemmas – cited the app as an important step in redressing dating punishments.

“All teens can benefit from using this app by understanding their own actions and learning to contact base for help anytime they want to make a change,” she said in a statement. press release Wednesday.

Caroline Treiss, director of government cinema of this standing commission through the status of women, mentioned in a written statement on the information that she applauded the CCADV for having created an “ingenious method to reach young people through technology” .

Td411 is available in the iTunes store along with the Bing Enjoy Android bone pencil.

How come my graphics are not showing on my Facebook blog post?


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5 Insider Secrets To Using Images For Blogging And Social Media Marketing

Have you ever run fb to fairly share a blog post you wrote or a new type of product on the company webpage, and maybe didn’t see an image appear next to the web link, or worse, bad graphics?

You are not alone ; it may be more usual than you think. Here are some ideas for getting a proper picture / image on your fb blog post.

After the picture does not participate

If the image does not appear in your Twitter blog post, first browse the debugger startup graphic, enter the address of your information, and click “schedule existing deletion information.”

The fb Open Graph debugger can usually tell you if the image is supposed to appear when Twitter gets the hyperlink.

When you can visit your image after debugging the hyperlink, their repair is easy: go back to the first post, then click on the timestamp, making sure that a new page is launched only in the article. Click on the right side of the post (because you were likely to be reviewing it) and choose “Refresh Share Attachment.” You should now be visiting your charts from inside the post. Click on “rescue” and you are done!

Imagine if you can’t see your photo? Rerun the debugger, this time selecting “Retrieve New Removal Details”. Whenever you still cannot view it, communicate the information and knowledge provided in the debugger to your website builder. Often, you need to establish graphic labels in the material.

If the picture may be the wrong one

What will happen after you have a graphic for the item but another graphic usually seems to outweigh the one you intend to watch? Once again, come back with the debugger. Do your own ideal graphics appear as an image for the article after all? If so, you might need to find the image when posting or determine which image retains priority.

In a number of COS / CMS circumstances, for example HubSpot or WordPress blogging, that means picking your featured graphics. The following, you will find in HubSpot that you can make an arrow on the images of your website to choose the priority graphics.

Various other issues, there may be a default Open Graph image assigned to your website or blog. If you are using a plugin for a CMS like Word Press, you can test your configurations to see exactly how it works. For example, WordPress Search Engine Optimization is one of the best plugins that also includes Open Chart markup. It provides a default image document solution when an image is not embedded in a blog post.

If this plugin has a graphical address sector, check the graphical efficiency by making sure it is not promoting a non-crossed out Graph image to articles that actually have theirs.

Far from the truth? It is also essential to enlist the help of your online designer to resolve the signal that myspace was leaving your website.

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How come ads with images are essential?

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