5 reasons to get a gaming phone and 5 reasons not to

Should you get a gaming phone or a flagship phone? If you have to ask this question, the answer is most likely NO. The majority of people shouldn’t buy a gaming phone because it would be overkill for them.

Ok, put away your pitchforks, folks, and listen to me for a moment. Gaming phones perform a little better than consumer phones, can have higher refresh rates which provide a better viewing experience that your eyes will thank you for, and most even have longer battery life. . But unless you’re an avid gamer, you don’t need these features. There’s no need to spend money on phone and accessories to play mobile games when there are better options specifically for portable games like the Nintendo Switch or the upcoming Steam Deck.

If you are a professional or enthusiastic mobile gamer who regularly attends events, a gaming phone may be your go-to option for mobile gaming.

However, if you’re a casual gamer who plays Angry Birds once in a while, the price and tradeoffs might not be worth it to you.

So if you see it as a worthwhile investment, go ahead and enjoy hours of smooth mobile gaming fun.

Otherwise, save your money and get a high-quality flagship phone instead. Gaming phones serve a certain purpose for a specific segment of the market. For those who are specifically looking for these kinds of specific features to play certain games, a gaming phone is a great choice.

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