5 cell phone brands that caught our attention during MWC week – which one? New



After the cancellation of MWC 2020 amid coronavirus fears, brands have come out in force to prove that their latest smartphones still deserve your attention.

MWC is generally the biggest mobile phone event of the year and an opportunity for manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest advancements in mobile phone technology.

Although this year’s event, which was scheduled to be held in Barcelona from February 24-27, has been canceled, many manufacturers have continued with their scheduled announcements through their own live broadcasts. Huawei and Samsung are among those who have unveiled new premium devices.

We’ve rounded up the highlights – from foldable phones to shimmering new flagships – and picked five brands that caught our eye.

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1. Huawei displays a new foldable

Huawei Mate Xs 5G

At the end of last year, Huawei announced the Mate X, the brand’s first foldable smartphone and its response to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The Mate X features 5G connectivity, a full 8-inch (2480 x 2200) OLED display, and a quad rear lens array that includes a 40MP wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens of 16 Mp, 8 Mp telephoto lens and time of flight. camera.

Sadly, the Mate X never made it to the UK – it sold in China for 16,999 yuan (£ 1,900). If you’re dying to get your hands on a Huawei foldable phone, the new Mate Xs 5G could be your chance, as it’s set to launch in the West.

This new foldable offers some of the same unrivaled specs as its predecessor with a few upgrades. You will get the same quad camera and the 8-inch (unfolded) OLED display that when folded turns into a 6.6-inch (2,480 x 1,148) display on its front panel and a 6-inch display, 38 inches on its rear panel (2480 x 892).

The elephant in the room is that the Mate Xs 5G runs on Android’s open source system and will not be able to run any Google apps.

Huawei P40 Series

A year after Huawei launched its P30 series (including the highly acclaimed Huawei P30 Pro), the next generation of its devices is due out in Paris at the end of March. As always, you can expect bigger screens, better cameras, and more processing power.

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2. Honor releases its first 5G smartphone

Following the lead of its sister brand, Honor did not fail to make its own announcements this week, lifting the lid on its next series of flagship devices: the View30 and View30 Pro.

It’s still unclear if or when these models will arrive in the UK, especially since they launched in China late last year, but they are expected to arrive in the coming months.

The biggest talking point with the View30 is that it is Honor’s first 5G device, perhaps signaling that we can expect to see more affordable smartphones with this technology.

It will have a completely redesigned camera set with three rear lenses: a 40MP “SuperSensing” main lens, an 8MP wide-angle camera and an 8MP telephoto lens with 5x hybrid zoom. On the front there is a dual camera (32Mp AI selfie camera and 8Mp wide-angle lens). The View30’s screen also gets a boost to a 6.57-inch (2400 x 1080) Full HD + display compared to 6.4 inches on the previous model, the Honor View20.

There’s also the View30 Pro which is more camera-focused, with tweaks to the View30’s specs like the inclusion of a 12Mp “Cine-Camera” designed to take standard photos and videos.

Honor is known for its more affordable mid-range models, so while pricing has yet to be announced, we would expect it to be around £ 500 to match the price of the View20 at launch (the 5G could increase that).

Honor also announced the 9X pro, the next-level model of the Honor 9X launched in the UK in November. The 9X Pro brings an improved camera setup with an additional 8MP ultra-wide angle lens.

Keep in mind, however, that Honor phones won’t have Google support either.

3. Sony unveils four new Xperia smartphones

Sony caught its fair share of attention this week with the announcement of three new smartphones, including a 5G. The Xperia 1 II (premier) is the sequel to the flagship Xperia 1, with the same large 6.5-inch CinemaWide display and triple rear lens, but you’ll get 5G and an enhanced camera that includes Sony’s partnership with Zeiss is photographing his cameras in smartphones for the first time.

Sony also announced the Xperia Pro, its other 5G smartphone aimed at photography enthusiasts. Its best feature is its HDMI connectivity, which allows you to connect it directly to your camera.

Another tracking device from Sony is the Xperia 10 II (middle), which succeeds the Xperia 10 launched around the same time last year. This new model may not have 5G, but has a 6-inch screen with an extra-wide 21: 9 aspect ratio for better viewing.

As with the Xperia 1 II, there are three rear cameras: a 12 Mp wide angle, an 8 Mp ultra wide angle and an 8 Mp telephoto lens. For those who are fanatic about audio quality, this phone also features “high resolution audio playback” to deliver the best quality sound.

Sony’s latest device is the Xperia L4 (third), a new entry-level model that looks impressive for its expected budget price, if we go by the Xperia L3 (£ 130). The L4 will have a 6.2-inch screen, which is pretty good compared to other cheap smartphones on the market today – the Realme 5 and Oppo A9 2020 both have 6.5 inch screens. With a triple rear camera and a split screen feature to use two windows at once, this could be a great cheap competitor.

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4. LG’s new 5G flagship

LG made waves last year when it showed its take on the foldable phone trend with the LG V50 Thinq – a smartphone with a removable phone case with a second screen. It was also one of the first 5G smartphones to hit the UK market and the new version, the V60 Thinq, is no doubt hoping to make the same impression.

The main upgrades to this model are a bigger screen – now a massive 6.8in Full HD + display, down from 6.4in – a better camera, more software capabilities, and improved sound. Some of its highlights include a 64 Mp main sensor, 8K video recording, and “Voice Bokeh” which is basically portrait mode but for your voice, to separate your voice from background noise during video recording.

5. Images leaked by TCL show an impressive “expandable smartphone”

The new TCL brand has made a lot of noise since it entered the mobile phone market earlier this year with its “10 Series” smartphones. This time it is making headlines with leaked photos of its prototype “expandable smartphone”.

If the rumors are true, this TCL smartphone will add an innovative new twist to the foldable phone scene, with the phone appearing to unfold like parchment into a tablet in its own right. There isn’t a lot of information on this phone at the moment, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on any updates.

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