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When a lab takes a COVID-19 test and sends a positive result to VDH, the agency now provides a unique personal identification number to an infected person. That person can then decide whether they want to report the result in the app by anonymously submitting the PIN code.

At a press conference last week, Governor Ralph Northam said Virginia was the first state in the country to deploy an app based on the technology, which was developed by Apple and Google. He stressed that he does not track or store personal data.

“It’s not based on GPS or your personal information,” he said. “And while we want everyone to download it, it’s voluntary. “

Jeff Stover, executive program advisor at VDH, said he expected it to take two to three weeks for users to start voluntarily submitting positive COVID-19 results to the app and that he It is still too early to provide information on the number of PIN codes that have been distributed.

“It will certainly take time for voluntary positive submissions to occur,” he wrote in a recent email. “The best measure of app usage right now will be downloads. “

VDH did not indicate the number of downloads it needs to achieve for the app to be effective. However, a spokeswoman pointed to a statement released last week by the state’s health commissioner, Mr Norman Oliver, which indicates, in part, that as more Virginians use the application, “the more likely it is that you will receive timely exposure notifications that lead to disease prevention.”


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